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Strategic Marketing : Lessons From Apple iPhone5 Launch

Posted by Jody Raines

iPhone5Its a couple hours away, and the world is waiting to hear what Apple will be presenting in the next product, rumored to be called the iPhone5.  Even down to the name, pundits are debating what Apple will do.  This morning, network broadcasters joked about their iPhones, and Mark Zuckerbergs admission that the Facebook IPO and consequent slide in stock value was "disappointing" has been eclipsed in social media by the hushed, expectant pause waiting for the next big changes in mobile technology.

There is no doubt that Apple has been the leader introducing cool products and getting smart phone technology into our hands.  At this point, there are those who have written entire blog posts and created YouTube videos that discuss and hypothesize what Apple's new features will be.  From Robert Scoble to Chris Perillo to Chris Voss and Brad Chasenore, no one has been spared from taking a guess, some more educated than others!

From a marketing perspective, what are some of the things that Apple has done right?

  • Secrecy.  There is no true information coming from Apple that we know of. Today is the "Announcement". Up until today, everything else has been rumors.
  • Leaks.  I suspect that Apple has tantalized the masses with small leaks and hints.  For example, generally we think the screen will be larger, the pin connection changed and the earphone connection at the bottom.  What other amazing things the phone will do are primarily conjecture.
  • The Big Reveal.  Scheduling at short notice when the announcement will be made assures that attention will be given to Apple when they make their announcement.
  • Pre-Order period.  Oh yes, if you pre-order the new phone, you will get one on the day they come out.  If you are a geek, you definitely want to avoid the long lines at the store and pre-order. 
  • Limited availability.  If you absolutely MUST have the phone, you don't want to be one of the folks who cannot get one.  What if they run out?  You may have to wait a week to get your new toy, and that week will be painful.
  • Share Socially. Oh the buzz you can create by seeding a few good and notable techno-leaders with invitations to the event.  Their anticipation and excitement at being part of the "in" crowd leads to sharing their anticipation with their followers, heightening the interest.
  • No cameras.  Oh come on.  Seriously?  This is not going to be broadcast on television - nope.  You have to breathlessly follow the live bloggers as they share the details. 

A fascinating recipe supported by an amazing distribution channel have lead to customers just waiting to spend hundreds to get their hands on the latest and greatest.  Thank you, Steve Jobs for the legacy you have created.  We can hope that our anticipation is rewarded with the neatest phone yet...   We'll see in a couple of hours...  Stay tuned!

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